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The Journey to Getting Your Valencia Property

You know the drill, one day you realise that there must be something better in life.

Maybe it’s another drizzle filled morning sitting in a never ending, soul destroying traffic jam and suddenly a song appears on your Spotify playlist from your younger days and it immediately transports you back to a coach holiday on the Costa Brava and the sun, the food, the drink, the friendliness the nightlife… the hopes and dreams.

Then you are snapped out of the reverie that fleeting happy place by the beep from the toilet cleaner sales rep behind, white knuckled, clenching his steering wheel for fear of drifting off this earth in anger. And in your rear view mirror you see the quiet desperation and a reflection of yourself and again you think there has to be something better.

You remember the joy of hiring that convertible last year and driving along empty motorways with the wind in your hair and the sun beating down as the road stretched out into the infinite distance and you looked into your partner’s eyes and realised that you hadn’t had this much joy and fun since… well, since forever really.

What if… just what if??

Your Valencia Property

Your Valencia Property

There is always something that starts people on their journey to moving to Valencia and Spain or any other place and this feeling of “there must be more to life” is one of the main drivers.

The good news is that there is more to life. In a week when it was revealed that the average rental price in London is higher than the average wage, that the average sale price is out of reach of over 95% of the population living there, and that every single unit of a new development in South London was sold to foreign property investors to continue the fleecing of those who need to rent, it could well be a good time to look at alternatives.

Listening to a podcast earlier this week I was reminded of our new reality, many people can work from anywhere, they are digital nomads, more and more people work remotely and are not tied to a location. This location independence gives great leverage to those who work in this way. Therefore all they need to do is to choose a place to base themselves and the question must be asked, why base yourself in a place that is so expensive that you are constantly running to stand still and if you don’t sprint you actually move backwards?

Valencia is a great base for digital nomads, location independent businesspeople, families looking for a better work life balance and a plethora of others. So why would you choose Valencia over say Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Rome and other places?

We have talked on these pages before about what Valencia offers and there is no need to repeat it here in such detail but lifestyle, climate, price, location and facilities rank high. Ally this to ultra fast broadband speeds, great communications and ease of access and you have a compelling case. Take away the hoards of tourists found in the above cities and a more relaxed way of life and you have all of the ingredients for a better life.

Why not find out more? Contact us, visit us and choose your ideal place to live, whether that is by buying an apartment by the beach for under 100k euros, living it large in a central Valencia period flat for less than a maisonette in Brixton, having your own pool and gardens for 125k Euros, or even buying into a functioning business or redeveloping property yourself, the options are many and you can also test the waters with rentals from around 500 euros per month with small ongoing costs.

Sometimes life just makes sense and we don’t need to complicate it do we?

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