Lifestyle Tips for Living in Valencia

We have talked on these pages before about why you should come to live in Valencia, in fact we gave you 112 Reasons to move to Valencia here. But once here how can you upgrade your everyday experience of living in Spain's third biggest city? Today we look at some of the practicalities of living in Valencia. So here are ten lifestyle tips for getting the most out of living in Valencia. Valencia Beach is one of the lifestyle attractions
Valencia Beach is one of the lifestyle attractions
  1. Use the Valenbisi system - If you live in Valencia you don't need a bike. All over the city you can find the Valenbisis and pick one up and drop it off in another part of the city. And Valencia is a cyclist's paradise too for many reasons but just to point out, we have a good climate for cycling, the city is flat, we have cycle paths all over the city and the biggest is the Turia riverbed park which is your playground, away from the traffic, the noise and the hustle and bustle. (You can find out about prices for Valenbisi here but just to let you know an annual pass currently costs 24,42 Euros!)
  2. Buy yourself a Bonobus - We have a really good public transport system throughout the city with an extensive bus route network and getting around is cheap. You can get your tickets from just 8 Euros for ten trips and monthly passes cost around 45 euros. If you are retired an annual ticket costs just 20 Euros! You can check all of the prices here.
  3. Get used to the metro system - The metro is not quite as extensive as the bus system but works brilliantly, is clean, usually on time and also very cheap. You can add metro connections to your ten bus trips for just €1.50 more for the ten trips. Check out the metro map here. It might help you to decide on areas to look at when buying property in Valencia too because you are never far from anywhere.
  4. Live an outdoor lifestyle - If you are looking for property in Valencia you may have noticed that properties with terraces are rare and in demand. Most Valencians get their daily dose of fresh air, coffee, cigars, gossip and beer at the local pavement cafe where they sit outside and watch the world go by. The act of having a terrace is not so important to them. Most Valencian dogs are taken out by their owners every day to shoot the breeze with their doggy friends. But most importantly in Valencia everyone knows that there is a huge city park in the riverbed, another huge park being built currently behind the main railway station and three excellent city beaches just a short walk, bus or metro ride away. And they use these facilities regularly and for long periods of time. Even hanging out in the local Plaza is the norm especially in the summer.
  5. Use the City Beaches - Just a short metro, bus or Valenbisi ride from wherever you are in the city you have the Malvarrosa, Cabanyal and Patacona beaches. You can read more about Valencia's beaches here. They are enormous, never full, with plenty of sports facilities and activities and the water is clean.
  6. Don't have a car - You don't really need a car in Valencia because of the public transport and bikes and you can get by without one as a result. If you ever need a car then you can usually hire one really cheaply, we recommend Pepecar. Just checking now I can get a car for next Monday for a week with "bring it back full" petrol for just 3.74 a day with pick up from the airport. Now that's a bargain. However if I want to risk not using all of the petrol prices are from just 1 euro per day.
  7. Learn Where The Best Cafes Are - In every area of the city as you go exploring there will be a bar that is great. You need to learn where the best cafes are for the following things, coffee, menu del día, drinks, cocktails and tapas. Once you have done this in a long process of experimentation, recommendation and trial and error you become comfortable going into any area and knowing you will have somewhere where eventually everybody might well know your name. We have written about Cafe Society in Valencia before and recommended some places here.
  8. Eat Menus at Midday - Your culinary journey in Valencia can be wonderful. And you are helped by the Spanish tradition of the menu del Día. You can get a menu for anything from 7 euros up. But excellent and different menus are available for around 10 euros most everywhere in the city. One of our favourites is more expensive being the Merkat Bar in Calle Joaquin Costa where the menu will cost you 15, 21 or 30 Euros but a good 12 euros menu can be had nearby at the Las Lunas Soul Kitchen for example and there are many more in between.
  9. Learn Spanish In An Intensive Course - There are an abundance of language schools in Valencia where you can have short, sharp intensive Spanish courses at good prices. The more Spanish you learn the better your experience of living here because you understand more about what is going on in the city and can have more interesting conversations about it.
  10. Relax and Remember The Journey - There is no doubt that living in Spain can be frustrating at times and things take time to happen. Our advice here is switch your impatience gear down a lot. Things do get done even if they take time, just allow them to happen. Enjoy Valencia as there is so much to enjoy, explore, get lost, drink it in, you will love it.
So these are tips for when you are here of course but firstly you have to get here. We can help you in that journey of course. To start go over to the main homepage of Valencia Property You could also follow us on Facebook here. And remember to sign up for our mailing list on the pop up. You might also be interested in our insider list which you can find here The Patacona Beach in Valencia is a Popular Place To meet Up And Shoot the Breeze
The Patacona Beach in Valencia is a Popular Place To meet Up And Shoot the Breeze
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