Why Valencia Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

Valencia as a city is one of those places that just invites you to live there. Its combination of accessibility, climate, culture, opportunity and work life balance make it an ideal destination for people looking to relax, work and have a lifestyle that suits them. Not everything in the garden is rosy though of course, don't expect to come to Valencia and walk into a well paid job on arriving. One of the groups of people that don't need to worry about that though are Digital Nomads and digital nomads often settle down in Valencia leaving their nomadic days behind them when they realise that they might well have found the perfect place to stop the constant travelling and use Valencia as a base.  Digital Nomads and Lifestyle Design in Valencia
Digital Nomads and Lifestyle Design in Valencia
The ideals of Digital Nomads largely come from the book "The Four Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss. The story is that Ferriss was heading for the traditional American burnout of 80 hour plus workweeks and no holidays when he decided to change the way he worked and the way his business ran and get away for a time. Once he didn't have work in the way, and he wasn't in the way of the work, he had to decide what to do with his time and one of the things he did was travel. It's just a footnote in the original "Four Hour Workweek" book but one of the places that he spent time during his first year after changing the way he worked was Valencia. Since that initial book over a decade ago now the concepts and habits of Digital Nomads have been refined and the ideals of the movement have become known as Lifestyle Design. There are places and routes during the year that those involved in the online world and running a business remotely like to revisit over and over. Valencia is certainly on that route (As is Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Mexico Berlin and Prague to name but a few). Valencia these days is one of the favourite places for Lifestyle Designers and Digital Nomads in Spain because Barcelona and Madrid have become too crowded, overrun with tourists in great part, not to mention comparatively expensive. Accommodation costs in Valencia are roughly half to two thirds of those in the two larger cities of Spain and if you actually get out of the city to the towns and villages around then you get even more lifestyle for your money too.  Digital Nomads and Lifestyle Designers require various things to live a comfortable life and Valencia provides them in spades. Let's look at them in turn and see how they help to provide the lifestyle that so many are looking for.  Firstly, and possibly the most important, accommodation costs are reasonable and places to stay can be found for periods between 3-6 months that include bills, the all important wifi and connections to other like minded individuals at a reasonable price. You can get whole apartments for medium term time periods for anything from 700 Euros per month in decent areas of town. For example we currently have apartments in the Cabanyal overlooking the market and station which can be rented all in for 750-850 Euros with bills and wifi included depending on the time period. We also have apartments on the edge of the city and on the metro line in Benimamet for 600-700 Euros and they will do contracts from 3 months and longer. If you are looking for a medium term rental or to rent out your property on a medium term basis to foreign entrepreneurs then contact us More important for some digital nomads and lifestyle designers though is having their own place that they can use while here as a base and then rent out for extended time periods to others in their network who are doing the same. We have Digital Nomad clients who have bought one or more apartments which they use as a base (depending on which of their properties are rented out) and they plan their visits to Valencia according to availability of the flats. This avoids the need for rental costs while they are here at the same time as giving them an income from the property to add to their online income from their businesses or the work they do for others. The most important thing in these properties is that there is a quick and affordable internet connection and as all the towns in Valencia and the city itself allow them this then they are happy to buy their base knowing that at any point they can say that Valencia is now their home. Another important aspect for the Lifestyle Design crowd is access to coworking spaces. This allows them to get out of the apartment and separate work from relaxation and play. There has been a huge increase in the numbers of coworking spaces in and around Valencia over the last few years and even the smaller towns now have available coworking spaces where developers, SEOs, software engineers and even estate agents get to meet and share ideas. Wayco has just announced its latest coworking space in Ruzafa and all over the city you can find affordable desk space without long term contracts and most importantly avoiding the need to rent out a workspace and establish yourself long term when you require flexibility. Due to the access to fast internet connections, coworking spaces and remote working agreements with their workplaces now we have seen an increase of people living and working in Valencia for longer term periods and getting much more use out of their Valencia apartments. Cafe Society in Valencia
Cafe Society and Lifestyle Design in Valencia
The image above is of the table that was once one of the many offices of Valencia Property in the city. We loved that window table and the wifi that came with it. Cafe culture and society is also important in this world and meetups and organised events for entrepreneurs and digital nomads are more and more visible in Valencia along with social gatherings and language exchange classes in bars and cafes all over the city and outskirts. Friendships and business tieups are organised on these social events and they give an easy route into the local entrepreneurial community both in the expat and Spanish communities. If you are a digital nomad why not give Valencia a try. The lifestyle is great, the costs are relatively low and you will get much more out of life. You may find that this temporary stop off becomes your permanent base too because once Valencia gets into you there is not much better. 

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