What People Tell Us They Want From Valencia Property

In this post we are going to talk about what people ask us to do or to keep doing on our Valencia Property website and blog. The things that people always get in touch with us about and the questions people always ask that we try to satisfy. Why are we doing this? Well of course so you can tell us what you want more of from us, how we can better help you and where we can improve.

Some of the things that we do are more or less unique to our agency, we genuinely believe that nobody writes descriptions like we do so consistently and in this post we are going to be showing you some of the latest examples, and we also believe that honesty in what we tell people is rewarded in the long term, if we believe a property won’t suit you then we tell you so, if there are no properties that will suit you currently then so be it, we’ll let you know.

Information About Valencia

When someone is buying a property in another country they require more than just a description of a house or apartment. They require background, location details, information about the area surrounding the property and a whole lot more. We try to make that information available through our blogs, social media feeds and more. However every single person will have their own questions about a property, an area, about schools for their children and more. Because of this we have opened up our emails and whatsapp to anyone to ask anything about Valencia whether it be questions about lifestyle, individual properties, areas or anything else. Just click on the whatsapp icon to ask us a question.

So many people tell us that we are the place they look for information about Valencia, about things more than just property related questions, that we take that as a complement and endeavour to keep on trying to get more information onto the blog and into our social media feeds.

Video Consultancies

One of the biggest surprise successes of last year’s lockdown was the welcome given to our free video consultancies, so much so that we decided to make them free even after lockdown. You can read more about them here. We start with a basic half hour but usually end up well over an hour where we drill down into what you are looking for, what you might get for your budget and what your options might look like. We answer questions about schools, visas, budgets, lifestyle and more. Book your video consultancy by sending us a mail or clicking on the whatsapp icon and messaging us.

The Valencia Property Consultation Call

Greater Choice

Lots of people have asked us for a greater choice of properties. Because of this we have upped the numbers of properties moving onto the site over the last few months, you may have noticed. However what people sometimes don’t realise is that we have access to the vast majority of properties in Valencia through our extensive contacts list. We work with the majority of good agents in and around Valencia and if you see anything you like on another agent’s website or one of the portals for properties such as Idealista, Fotocasa or Pisos.com we can usually help you to secure it.

We act as property finders or buyers’ agents searching out the best properties for you that suit your needs that we have previously established on our video consultations, whatsapp conversations and mails. We are the one stop shop for all of your Valencia Property needs, from finding that perfect property to renovations, help with settling in and beyond.

If something you like isn’t on our website then make sure to send us a link and we can very probably get you access. As we have been told by so many clients when they contact agents through the portals, many times they don’t even get a reply. We respond and we respond quickly. We make sure to get back to you and help you to secure your perfect Valencia Property with the least hassle possible.

Floor Plans and 360º Tours

We have been thanked for moving into 360º tours and also for our drone videos of individual properties and areas. However we have been asked to put up more Floor Plans of each property. We are looking into the easiest way to do this so you don’t have to suffer our awful artist impressions of the space available. However we used to use Magic Plan to do our floor plans and it is no longer as useful as it once was. By the end of June we hope to have a new system up and running so we can supply more floor plans of each property.

Our collection of 360º Tours can be found on our Kuula page here. We are constantly adding them into the page and we embed them into our descriptions too on our listings when available. If you really like a property but want to see it in more detail via a 360 Tour feel free to ask us to go and do a visit.

WhatsApp Broadcast Lists

We filled our first list with its maximum number of participants so we now have a second list and if you want to join it and get notifications of price drops, new listings, blog posts and videos feel free to sign up. Just send a whatsapp to us with the message. “I want in” with your full name.

General Videos

We do plenty of property videos and also do facetime calls from properties for individuals wanting to know more about a property. However we have been asked to do more videos about towns, areas, things to do and more. We share plenty of things like this on our Twitter and Facebook pages but we are open to requests too. If it’s possible we will usually do it.

Unique Descriptions

This is one of our major strong points. People love the way we describe properties. We see no point in a dry description of a property, you know the type, “Three bedroom, two bathroom flat in … It has a living room and kitchen…” Of course it does, it’s a place to live. Our descriptions are much more interesting / funny / sarcastic / leftfield (Delete as appropriate)

Gavin who has recently joined us at VP has raised the bar considerably for both sarcasm and left field references including a Star Wars themed description, a description wondering about the cgi created owner’s relationship to sofas and plants, one about the house of the future, one about a villa down on its luck and of course the majestic townhouse that time forgot. It’s worth bookmarking the site so you see the latest updates and find out more from the quills of Gavin, Graham, David and Jess.

What Do You Want More Of?

Let us know. If we can do it we will.

Golden Visa Property Of the Week

Plain from the outside, superb inside, this villa in Denia has been described as a lego villa but I’ll let the description speak for itself. All I would add is that grey isn’t my favourite colour for a villa so that’s the first change I would make and the second would be to change that sofa!

“This is a serious villa, from the outside at last. No bendy curves or soft lines here. It’s big, it’s square, it’s here. If Lego made Beach villa sets, then this could be their model.

It is just off the beach near Denia, about 5 kms north of the town, a little more than an hour from both Valencia and Alicante airports.

There is no messing with this place, you want space, a pool, near the beach, terrace, garage, nice views – check, check, check,check, check….. Inside there are high ceilings, luxurious decor, a central open staircase. Its actually refeshingly practical, despite the luxury, even the garage is a very garage-looking building beside the house.

So if you’re looking for a property that is practical but very enjoyable, that you’ll still be getting use out of in 20 years time, just like lego in fact, then look no further”

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