Valencia Property New Projects

We have moved into the New Year in Valencia with speed. The first week back after the New Year is not really a work week, everything starts after Epiphany, the 6th of January, also known as Kings’ Day in Spain. And in that week we have sold four properties, had two property completions signed, started the plans for two modernisations on apartments, made a whole new Podcast series, identified new opportunities for our clients, listed 15 new properties and made upgrades to the website that mean we can feature price drops and new information in a much better way. 2021 finished with a ridiculous number of enquiries and 2022 has started with even more. I think we are 5x up on last year’s enquiries at the moment as I write this half way through the month which isn’t a bad start by anyone’s standards.

So, let’s look at our new projects, telling you about how the ones you know about are going and introducing you to some others that maybe less well known.

Valencia Beach Properties

We are going to start featuring more Valencia Beach Properties over the next few weeks and months as we have realised that we take for granted what we have on our doorstep within striking distance of Valencia. Therefore expect more properties from the area to the South of Valencia, the Albufera, Cullera and even down to Denia and Javea and also properties from the cuter beach resorts to the north of the city including Port Saplaya, Canet (With its gorgeous dune lined beach) and even Puerto de Sagunto where a beach apartment can be had for very little outlay and yet you are still within half an hour of Valencia city centre.

Other New Areas

Apart from the beach areas we are also going to be increasing the numbers of properties we feature around the city to encompass new areas. We will be looking into the best bargains in Torrent ranging from investment apartments (See more below about this) to luxury villas, looking more at Calicanto, Paterna, Burjassot and the towns to the North of Valencia such as Meliana, Almassera, Albalat, El Puig and La Pobla de Farnals. You never know, in the future they may make it onto our list of favourite places.

New Ways to Pay Us

We have clients from all over the World wanting to pay us in all different currencies. Previously we have accepted payments in dollar, pounds, euros and Kroner among others. Now however we are accepting payments in Crypto and we are also giving a discount to people wanting to pay in crypto as we love saving both you and ourselves bank charges.

If you pay us in Bitcoin, Solana or Matic we will give you a 10% discount on our commissions if paid up to a month before completion. In the 30 days prior to completion we will give you a 5% discount. Unfortunately we cannot do this with Ethereum at the moment because the Gas Fees are currently too high. We will accept payment in Eth but without the discount.

The YouTube Channel

I wouldn’t describe it as criminal but the lack of content on our Valencia Property YouTube channel is negligent at best. With over 1500 followers wanting to know more about buying Valencia Property we have taken the first step of integrating the VP Podcast into the channel feed. We will also be featuring more videos of property, the city, our drone flights and more over the year so make sure to subscribe and as all the cool kids say “Smash that like button” on each video we post.

The VP Investment Insider List

We have been running an informal notification service for our clients who are repeat buyers over the last few years but now we think it’s time to make this a bit more organised. Every month we are offered properties that we know are great investments but because of the situation of our clients around the World we also know these things will fly and by the time our clients get here then the property will be gone.

Therefore we have decided to make an insider list.

To be a member of the insider list and get told about investment properties that will suit your investment requirements we require certain information from you as an investor but also we require you to be ready to buy.

What Does That Mean?

Well, you cannot buy without a NIE number so obviously you will require that (That’s no problem for repeat buyers of course), you cannot buy quickly without a power of attorney for a lawyer to deposit on a property and buy it in your name if you decide to go ahead with a purchase so you will need a POA in place and you will need some money on the ground here in your account ready to be used for a reserve and/or deposit on a property (Again many of our repeat buyers will already have this in place).

If you are financing part of your purchases through a bank loan then you will require pre-approval from a bank (Ask us how to get that here) and we have to accept you as a member of the list (Meaning we must think that your requirements are attainable and realistic because otherwise we are wasting your time and ours.) Anyway, if you are interested in being on the Valencia Property Investments Insider List then fill in the form below.

Include your price bracket for the investment, your expected return percentage, timescales and types of investment you are interested in

The Valencia Property Podcast

The latest episode of our Podcast “God Bless America” talks about how the numbers of Americans coming into Valencia has grown over the last few years meaning that in 2021 they were our biggest clients. From our first clients from the States back in 2010 to now there is a huge difference in what people are buying and what they expect.

In this podcast, which you can listen to below, we explore this movement and also lay into the Orange One, the MAGA nutcases and more so I expect some hate but mostly love and approval đŸ˜‰ (And if you know anyone who needs this information then share the Podcast with them. There is a share button in the top right hand corner of the player below.)

Property Deal of the Week

This is the type of property that we will be featuring in the Insider List because it’s unusual for something this good to get onto the site without being sold very quickly. In fact as I am writing this I am not sure about whether it will still be available next week.

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage, terrace, pool and views in a nice town like Naquera? You can’t ask for much more and at just 70,000 Euros that’s a hell of a lot for your money, read more below or click on the image above to see more photos.

“Valencia city and surrounding area has taken off in popularity recently. But there are still some real bargains to be had if you know where to look. But like a Bring-your-own party in a Downing Street garden, these won’t stay secret forever so listen up.

This apartment is right in the town of Naquera – one of our favorites – 25kms from Valencia and less to the beach. It is large, over 110m2 and has 4 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms and an office perhaps (being in a large town high-speed internet is no problem).

There is a community pool and 2 balconies with amazing views of the nearby countryside. There’s even a parking space included. When you look at the price you have to agree this is amazing value.

You just have to know where to look. Fortunately for you we do. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.”

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