Spring Has Arrived In Valencia and Summer Plans

Finally, we have arrived in Spring in Valencia and the sun is out and the temperatures have risen. It's unusually late this year but we are now looking forward to a long warm spring and summer. Here at Valencia Property we are really busy as always and we start the week tomorrow (Because today, Monday, is yet another holiday in the city) with a day at the notary and afternoon visits to properties.

Our client list is growing still and we are looking full for the rest of the month and well into May already. We already have people booked in for June and July and even into 2023 (And one person who has told us they will be coming over in 2026!!). Nevertheless, today we make our annual announcement about our holidays because we know that we will be getting more and more enquiries leading up to the summer so if you are thinking of coming over then you will need to book in with us as soon as possible because...

Summer Holidays

Just like last year we are not going to be working much in August. We are going to take most of the month of August off starting from the 1st. People who are already booked in now will be dealt with to the best of our ability (we have really good abilities) but as we said last year it's really difficult to get anything done in August so we are going to make our lives easier by not chasing shadows. From the 1st of August to the 21st of August we will be essentially closed. (And the last week in August everyone closes by the way so don't expect much then either) We will only be dealing with clients who have already booked in and people who can only be here at that time for final signings at the notary.

We'll explain why again, it's essentially because Spain is different; many agents close, most notaries go away, lawyers aren't as available and owners are away and don't want their houses shown, they are on holiday in their properties and want to relax too, or they have their property for sale rented out for the summer and don't want their tenants (Who are paying a lot at that time of year) disturbed.

We find that we cannot keep our promise to you to provide the best service if it's impossible to get things done so we decide to wind down business, otherwise known as being very Spanish about it, in the summer. Even if we opened you would have a very restricted choice of properties to see so it's much better for you as a potential buyer of Valencia Property to get yourself a wider choice.

Powers of Attorney

There has been a huge uptick in the last few weeks of clients signing up for full powers of attorney and on Tuesday I will actually be using a power of attorney granted to me by a seller to sell their property to one of our clients as the owner might have found it a little tricky to get here from Australia. Therefore, he went into the Spanish consulate in Melbourne and signed a full power of attorney for me to arrange everything for him including the ability for me to send the funds from the purchase to his account over there, saving him a lot of time and money in travelling to Spain.

We realise that this takes a lot of trust on behalf of the seller so we don't expect everyone to do it and give us a POA to represent them in a sale. Nevertheless, we are happy to include it as a new service that we will provide to anyone from anyone in the World wanting to sell their property if they want to do it remotely.

The full support structures that we put in place and constant communication from us about the state of the sale mean that you can take this step with confidence that we can represent you in the way you would expect from the longest established international estate agency in Valencia. If you don't want us as agents to represent you then of course we can also recommend legal support and POA which we talked about in one of our previous podcasts which you can listen to here. This episode includes an interview with Javier Hernandez one of our recommended lawyers in Valencia.

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Latest Podcast All About Currency Transfers

And speaking of the podcast, our latest one included an interview with Toni Wilson from Currencies Direct and loads of interaction with three guys in the cafe in the background who were solving the problems in Ukraine and playing a slot machine. You can listen to it below with glorious background noise.

Latest Listing in Valencia

When we talk about location in Valencia we mean THIS location and if you are looking to put your own imprint on a property then this might be the one for you. 155m2 on one of the best streets in Valencia doesn't come cheap but that's a lot of a blank canvas to play with.

"It's always nice to have a new addition to the website and even better when we can get in and take our own photos rather than rely on the selling agents to pass on what are often pretty crappy representations of the property in question. If I had a penny for every time a client has come out of a viewing saying “That was nothing like the photos, we were expecting way worse”, I would have a load of pennies and not be able to do anything with them because we use euros and I couldn´t handle the rigmarole of trying to convince a bank to swap them for cents.

Anyway, we’ve had some odd weather up until now and it feels like it’s been raining for weeks, but the day we went to view this property the clouds had parted, the first rays of sunshine were felt, and Graham even took one of his coats off which is the first officially recognised sign that Summer is here.

This large classical apartment in Ensanche just one street away from the glorious Turia Gardens is a wonderful blank canvas just waiting for your great ideas and tasteful renovation to restore it to its former glories, its 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room, cubby holes, gallery and kitchen provide plenty of space to swap and change and get the distribution you need and it's the best value I’ve seen for quite a while in this lovely part of town. 

Enough said, time to get viewing……"

Latest Villa Listing in La Pobla de Vallbona

Valencians and minimalism don't go together well. Valencians love clutter, They never throw anything out, never. In fact in this property I'd go as far to say as that they were actually looking after other people's things too there's so much junk here. However, it takes a lot of stuff to fill up 499m2 of house and 1470m2 of plot so you still get a feeling of space in this house despite... everything.

Four bedrooms and four bathrooms, two living rooms of 90m2 and 40m2, kitchen, garage and storage areas underneath and quite a cute looking place on a large plot with an excellent filtered pool and verdant gardens.

That's the serious bit done but let's just tick off the typically Valencian features of this house.

Junk (Tick)
Clutter (Tick)
Cross on wall over bed (Tick)
Shockingly bad photos from owner (Tick)
Very few said photos (Tick)
Bathrooms requiring modernisation (Tick)

One of those properties that needs to be seen to be appreciated because let's just say the photos don't do it justice (And yes, that's another tick) When are you visiting?

Golden Visa Property of the Week (Not)

We don't normally go to Madrid in the choice of our properties but we thought we couldn't miss this. For the small matter of 13 Million Euros you can buy this 700m2 plus apartment in Madrid (It's actually 500 plus 250m2 in terraces but what's 200m2+ between friends? So, just the small matter of 26000 Euros per square metre.

For that sort of money I would expect views to be of

a) Jurassic Park,

b) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon AND the Tower of Babel or

c) At least some sea but you would have to be at a lot greater height to see the sea from Madrid.

However, on the positive side you probably do get a view of Madrid's awesome traffic congestion and get to take in through your nostrils that diesel fragrance so typical of central Madrid. If you're lucky you'll be able to see the mushroom cloud of pollution that covers the city on still days too.

If you want to read more about expensive properties, this time the most expensive properties in Valencia, just click on the link, there's more sarcasm than where this came from.

And what do you get for your money?

Four photos to start off with!

None of which are actually of the property!

Read this non-glorious description!

"EXTRAORDINARY penthouse for sale, the best house by far in Madrid.

It is a triplex penthouse of more than 500 m2 built with spectacular terraces that add another 250 m2. All orientations and light imaginable. Completely renovated with the best qualities and taste. 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It has three parking spaces. Beautiful classic building. It is not any of those that are offered on Internet pages or in Idealista. Photos and indicative location for privacy and exclusivity. Information will be provided after verification of identity and accreditation of solvency.

Maybe we should start putting up pictures of properties that aren't the one for sale and see if we can snag a few Nigerian Princes who want to deposit 30 million dollars into our account for a while.

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