The Most Popular Content on the Valencia Property Website

Sometimes we realise that there are certain things that people want to read or hear more about even though there may be other things which are actually more useful. For example it's always useful to know more in depth details about current mortgage rates and offers but those posts will never get as many views as those which recommend restaurants for example. Our blog is here to cover all of the angles in order to give the most comprehensive information about everything. Nevertheless, it's quite useful for us to know what is popular in order to keep people coming back to the site again and again.

Today therefore, we are going to be looking at the most popular posts, podcasts and properties on the site over the last year and month. By highlighting this content you'll get to see what people like you are looking for and looking forward to reading or hearing. It also allows us to modify our content to satisfy the demands of our readers and listeners.

The Most Popular Valencia Property Posts

Our most popular post surprises me. Obviously our home page is the most visited but after that then this post, our Guide to Valencia's Districts Part One is our most read post in the last year. This is despite the fact that it was written in 2019, pre-Covid and is the first in a series of district guides.

A Guide to Valencia's 19 Districts
A Guide to Valencia's 19 Districts Part One

Our second most popular post shows where a lot of our clients' priorities lie, our Guide to International and Bilingual Schools has been consistently in the top five posts every month since it was published at the start of 2021.

Next, we have another important point for many of our clients, How Much Will My Modernisation Cost Me? This was written in 2020 and will be updated regularly as prices fluctuate. Inflation has meant that some of those prices are now higher but it is still largely relevant.

Our next in the list is all about Getting Residency For Brits in Spain post Brexit. This was published in December 2020 just before the end of the transition period between Brexit and full implementation. However, it is still totally relevant as the requirements continue to be the same and the good thing is of course that those requirements are also the same for other non-EU nationalities so it's a good reference point for Americans, Canadians etc...

Finally, in our top five posts we have this post all about the Best Places to Invest in Valencia. Again this shows the interest of investors in Valencia for second homes, investment apartments and more. Written in mid 2021 again it continues to be relevant but it will be updated as required.

The Most Popular Podcasts

It's easy to measure the most popular podcasts isn't it? Simply put the ones with the most downloads. Well, it's not quite that easy. Some podcasts get listened to for a longer time period and some get better listening figures on other platforms apart from Podbean, such as YouTube, Google and Apple Podcasts. We cannot say these are the most popular in the last year though as we only started producing podcasts in January 2022.

However, we cannot get round the fact that the earlier podcasts have more downloads as they have been online for longer and they continue to get more downloads every week. A good example of this is that our first episode about Timelines For Buying Valencia Property is our most downloaded.

So, we are going to look at which were the most popular podcast in terms of number of downloads in the first seven days after publication. This is not an exact science either as some were sent out to the mailing list and others got more diffusion through social media but it gives us an idea of what is resonating when it gets released.

By this metric our most popular episode is Things We Love and Hate about Valencia and Spain episode 19. We released this in May and it immediately became a favourite among listeners as not only did it get downloaded more but also it was listened to for longer.

Modernisations and Valencia Property is another episode that was widely listened to and I suspect this is because we have passed it onto so many clients looking to buy a place to modernise themselves. It's definitely worth listening to and also bear in mind that one of our most read posts above was also about Modernisations so it does seem to be a recurring theme.

Equally God Bless America was one of our early episodes but it is also continuing to get download numbers. In this we talked about the numbers of Americans coming to Valencia and also the fact that Americans had become our biggest buyers of property last year. Americans also love podcasts. They are the biggest listeners to our podcast ahead of the UK and Spain. You can listen to that episode below.

Finally in this section of our most recent podcasts since we went monthly Top Tips for a Successful Purchase has loads of tips from our clients where they use their experience to give you more ideas about how you should prepare for your Valencia Property purchase. We add in our tips too but the best ones come from our clients as they see the purchase process through their eyes.

The Most Popular Properties and Pages

The most popular properties on the site is one that may or may not be true because sold properties that have been removed from the site no longer count. What we are looking at here are the five most popular properties and property pages currently on the Valencia Property website. What are people looking at and what are they asking to visit and view?

The Most Popular Pages

The most popular page on our site is of course the homepage, that's where most people land when they arrive on the site. We also advertise on Google Ads so some pages are landing pages from our ads and therefore get more traffic. However what we are looking at here are the most viewed pages through natural search and landing as opposed to ads. The next most popular page is our Search page.

If we include ads then our most popular page is the Valencia City page. This is where people find all of our properties for sale in Valencia City of course. Next we have our L'Eliana page. The next one is Valencia Beach then it is Naquera and our final page in this list is our Inland Valencia page. All of these are landing pages for ads so they are not necessarily the most popular overall. We know there are more popular pages through Search but those are the results of people using search on our site which as stated above is the second most popular page.

The Most Popular Properties

Rather than looking at the most popular properties over the last year as many of them will now be sold, we are going to look at what has been hot in the last month. Our most popular property has been this one, A Stylish Modernisation in the Cabanyal, and now we have sold it. Next we are told to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. This central Valencia apartment, available for 295k, is right by the central market and La Lonja.

If you want to stand up for democracy then this apartment in Valencia will help you to do so. One in the eye for Putin there. And this very nice place in Ruzafa is for those with slightly deeper pockets but as the description says, it is very nice.

This full house in the Cabanyal is next on the list which these days is a rarity of course. We have three visits to it this morning on the day this is published, Monday 10th October.

Noticed any connection? Well, for those of you who are making notes, all of them are in the city of Valencia itself. We get more visits to properties in the city than we do for inland properties or properties that may be on the coastal strip but are not in the city. Our first property that isn't in the city is this Lazy Spanish Villa in Naquera and this will probably get more love this week as it was due to be featured in the Sunday Times yesterday.

What Do You Want to See More Of?

We have seen here what are the most popular things we put on the site but we are always open to suggestions. Let us know what you would like to see more of on our website. Send us a mail with any suggestions and we will try to satisfy your requirements on the site in the same way we do to our clients when they buy.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

And now for a slight departure from our usual kind of listings in these parts, the majority of our clients come looking for some typical Spanish features and character when looking for a family villa, so we tend to ignore the modern builds and have probably made the usual comments about them being soulless and sterile, but I guess life is not all about arches, mosaic floors, and high ceilings, there is something for everyone and its nice to see such clean lines and minimalism for a change, I’m also running out of explaining why people seem to have so much junk in their homes, which reminds me, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and that brings me neatly back to this property. Boom.

Set in the Montealcedo area of Ribarroja (its more La Eliana really) this futuristic 3 storey villa, (built in 2014 so not that futuristic) a whopping 400m2, admittedly some of that is in the basement, (look! that’s where they hide their mess) there is also a sauna and gym room and space for 3 cars, moving on up to the main floor we have a spacious living room, W.C, Kitchen, and bedroom with en suite, all with access and views through huge windows to the terraces that surround the house and the robotic chlorine saltwater infinity pool with illumination…… Don’t ask me, I just write the scripts…..

On the top level , 2 more bedrooms, bathroom and an open plan office space that overlooks the neat and tidy low maintenance garden where you can slink around in a turtle neck sweater and tight slacks and pretend you’re James Bonds nemesis, just don’t forget the sunglasses, you’ll probably need them when you go back inside.

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